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Hybrid Outback Pants - DuraCanvas - Coyote / Taiga Green A

Hybrid Outback Pants - DuraCanvas - Coyote / Taiga Green A

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  • :Hybrid Outback Pants are advanced hybrid outdoor pants, equally suitable for long mountain treks and bivouacking. The pants are comfortable and durable. They can be partly waterproofed with wax. There are two classic front pockets with edges reinforced for knife/light clips, two hook&loop-closed front thigh pockets and two zippered cargo pockets. Knees reinforcements have inner pockets for our Neoprene Low Profile Protective Pads.

    Accessories and equipment in the pictures is not included in the offer.


    • Hybrid construction that provides durability and freedom of movement
    • Wax-impregnable
    • Anatomical cut
    • Hip pockets with reinforced edges
    • Large cargo pockets
    • Reinforcements on knees


    45% Nylon, 29% Baumwolle, 22% Polyester, 4% Elasthan

    • Hybrid-Konstruktion, die Haltbarkeit und Bewegungsfreiheit bietet
    • Wachs-imprägnierbar
    • Anatomischer Schnitt
    • Verstärkungen an den Knien
    • 45% Nylon, 29% Baumwolle, 22% Polyester, 4% Elasthan
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    SP-HOP-DC-1109A-XXXL/XLong-XXXL/XL72,90 €*Just a few left
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