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CPU Hose Combat Patrol Uniform Ripstop Olive Green


  • Helikon-Tex CPU Hose Combat Patrol Uniform Ripstop Olive Green
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  • Die CPU Hose biete guten Tragekomfort auch bei langem Einsatz und viel Bewegungsfreiheit durch technisch modernes Design, sie verfügt über nützlichen Stauraum für EDC Ausrüstung. Merkmale: Gut zugängliche Oberschenkeltaschen, schmale Fronttaschen für kleine Gegenstände wie Lampe oder Messer. Unterschenkeltaschen ermöglichen Zugriff auch im Autositz.
    10 Haupt und und Gesäßtaschen bieten Platz für alle Ausrüstung.
    • weitenverstellbar Bund und Beinabschlüsse•2 Einschubtaschen•2 Vordertaschen für Ausrüstung•2 Gesäßtaschen mit Patten und Knöpfen•2 Oberschenkel-Taschen mit Patten, Klettverschluss und Zugband•2 Unterschenkeltaschen mit Klettverschluss•Verstärkter Kniebereich mit Einschubfächern für Knie-Polster (extra bestellbar)•Verstärkter Sitzbereich•Material : 60% Baumwolle / 40% Polyester

    Helikon Tex CPU™ Combat Patrol Uniform Trousers German FlecktarnCPU® (Combat Patrol Uniform®) pants were designed according to the latest construction of Polish Armed Forces uniform Pattern 2010. Made with body ergonomics and utility in mind, CPU® pants provide freedom of movement combined with high-capacity storage areas for necessary equipment. Wide-opening thigh pockets with drawstring retention are adapted to work as emergency dump pouches. Slim front pockets can carry personal items like a flashlight, a folding knife or an extra magazine close at hand. Calf pockets can contain a field dressing or an extra AR magazine, accessible when sitting in a vehicle, while classic front and back pockets provide even more carrying space if needed. The Combat Patrol Uniform® is a solution for everyday duty considering both camp activities and direct action, and comes in a variety of colours and camouflage patterns.
    •Adjustable waist•Strengthen crotch and seat•Key loops, D-ring or karabiner compatible•2 front pockets•2 slim front EDC gear pockets•2 back pockets with buttoned flaps•2 thigh cargo pockets with hook & loop flaps and drawstring retention•2 calf pockets with hook & loop flaps•Reinforced knees with kneepad compartments•Adjustable cuffs•Buttoned fly
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  • <div><br></div><div><span>HELIKON-TEX - TACTICAL &amp; OUTDOOR CLOTHING<br></span><br>Over a decade since Helikon-Tex was established our business activity was mainly concentrated on military surplus sales. However, changing trends and market demand in the mid-nineties set a new development direction – in 1999 we decided to start our own clothing production.Our range is a proof that the decision was right– we are proud to offer you a wide range of uniforms, tactical clothing, backpacks, boots and equipment that have gained recognition among enthusiasts all over the world.Helikon-Tex is a combination of professional employees and faithful end users who constantly motivate us to expand and modernize our products.<br><br>** Bitte beachten Sie das abgebildete Ausrüstung, Gürtel, Messer, Organizer, Lampen usw. nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten sind und nur der Veranschaulichung dienen.</div>