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    SP-GTP-DC-01-S/Regular-S-R44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-M/Regular-M-R44,90 €*Sold!
    SP-GTP-DC-01-L/Regular-L-R44,90 €*Sold!
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XL/Regular-XL-R44,90 €*Just a few left
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXL/Regular-XXL-R44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXL/Regular-XXXL-R44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXXL/Regular-XXXXL-R44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-S/Long-S-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-M/Long-M-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-L/Long-L-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XL/Long-XL-L44,90 €*Sold!
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXL/Long-XXL-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXL/Long-XXXL-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXXL/Long-XXXXL-L44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-S/XLong-S-XL44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-M/XLong-M-XL44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-L/XLong-L-XL44,90 €*Sold!
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XL/XLong-XL-XL44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXL/XLong-XXL-XL44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXL/XLong-XXXL-XL44,90 €*In stock
    SP-GTP-DC-01-XXXXL/XLong-XXXXL-XL44,90 €*In stock
    -S-S44,90 €*Sold!
    -M-S44,90 €*Sold!
    -L-S44,90 €*Sold!
    -XL-S44,90 €*Sold!
  • <div><br></div><div><span>HELIKON-TEX - TACTICAL &amp; OUTDOOR CLOTHING<br></span><br>Over a decade since Helikon-Tex was established our business activity was mainly concentrated on military surplus sales. However, changing trends and market demand in the mid-nineties set a new development direction – in 1999 we decided to start our own clothing production.Our range is a proof that the decision was right– we are proud to offer you a wide range of uniforms, tactical clothing, backpacks, boots and equipment that have gained recognition among enthusiasts all over the world.Helikon-Tex is a combination of professional employees and faithful end users who constantly motivate us to expand and modernize our products.<br><br>** Bitte beachten Sie das abgebildete Ausrüstung, Gürtel, Messer, Organizer, Lampen usw. nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten sind und nur der Veranschaulichung dienen.</div>