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Workout Xfit Fitness Panda Weightlift Patch by HIWEZ

Workout Xfit Fitness Panda Weightlift Patch by HIWEZ

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  • Hier die neueste Edition unserer Fitness Panda Serie, mit Plate Carrier und allem was man für ein Gewichtheben Training braucht

    Lift or Die

    Größe 62mm x 90mm

    Concept und Idee TACOPSGEAR/MORALPATCHES und Design by HIWEZ

    This Fitness Patch is the perfect Patch for Sport and Weights lovers, whether Men or Women. It would make a great gift idea for any birthday, Christmas, graduation or any gift giving occasion.People who love Sport and Weights,Workout,Kettlebell and Blood Sweat Excercise are sure to love this detailed and colorful Patch. This is a awesome Patch with stunning design, colorful graphics, and Fitness theme.

    A nice Patch, Great for people who love Fitness,Sport and Weights,Workout and Kettlebell. Perfect designed with love, and top notch quality.Our Patches are designed with dedication and allow you to appear individually or express a statement about things you like or stand for. Using our Patches wont reduce your tactical Skills or combat readiness. TacOpsGear MoralPatches are well known for the highest manufacturing quality 3D PVC and Thread patches. Furthermore we manufacture for numerous well-known companies like 5.11 and Helikon-Tex and armed services worldwide. Our satisfied customers also include government departments and special units in our homeland Germany and worldwide.
    • Größe 62mm x 90mm Size 2.44 x 3.55 inch
    • Gewichtheben, Sport, Studio, Fitness
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    CF-PA-18-004--14,95 €*sofort lieferbar

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